Frequently Asked Questions: General


What is CashContent?

CashContent is a website that pays its users cash in exchange for signing up for offers. Unlike other similar sites, we carefully monitor the offers to maintain a quality list of products, eliminating junk offers that are a waste of your time and money.

Will I get spam by registering with CashContent?

The sole purpose of CashContent is to connect you with cash offers. CashContent will never sell or share any user information. You can read more about this in our Membership Agreement.

Is CashContent completely free?

Yes. It is completely free to use the CashContent service.

Why will CashContent pay me to sign up for offers?

CashContent has partnered with the offer companies you'll find on this site who are willing to pay cash for new customers to try their products. These companies pay CashContent for finding quality customers, like you, and we pass most of this cash right along to you. The rest we use to run this website, allowing us to provide this service to you at no cost.

How do I earn money?

When you're ready to complete an offer, you'll first need to register. Registration is free, easy, and takes less than 1 minute. When you're logged in, review the details of the offer description and click the "Complete Offer" link. This link will take you to an external site affiliated with the offer company. Follow the instructions to complete the offer. Once you've completed the necessary steps, you can expect your earnings to appear in your CashContent account within the time specified under "Takes" on the Offer Page.

Do What is registration and why do I need to register to complete an offer?

To register, you'll need to create a username and password and provide your e-mail. You'll also have the opportunity to tell us who referred you, if anyone. This is the only information that will be asked of you at registration.

Do all offers cost money?

No. Some offers may be completed by registering for a free service or for sampling a free product. Others do require purchase or paid subscription. We've outlined these distinctions in each offer description.

Can you give an example of one of your offers?

Sample offer: Cash offer of $8.00 when you subscribe to an online DVD rental company; first month is free; offer completed upon your first paid month. No cancellation fee.

How long does it take to get cash for an offer?

Next to each offer, we've estimated the time it will take to complete each offer. Some offers are instantaneous; other take a few weeks. Unforunately, these times are dependent on the offer company, not CashContent, so we are unable to speed up this process. What we can do is update your account as soon as an offer has gone through, giving you immediate access to your earnings.

Are the offers limited to US residents?

Well, many are limited to US residents (for example cable offers or items sent in the mail). However a larger number should not be limited to US residents as well (for example credit cards or any internet based service).

More questions?

See our My Account FAQ for other inquiries. If you still have a question, please contact . We're here to help.

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